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London exhibition/residency - The Brick House, March 2011- continuing, 152c Brick Lane, London E1 6RU

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Seattle exhibition - The Sole Repair Shop, February 2011

"Seattle has become a burlesque town once more, pushed and shoved by some of its more famous women performers. Greg Holloway, born and raised in eastern Washington and a former resident of London for some five years, has taken on the local scene and done it great justice. His vibrant, back-lit photographs light up a room with the joy and beauty of burlesque performance. For just two evenings, his love and respect and play in his digital work, has brought a great smile to those of us in the town who long for something other than the prevelant feeling and production of naturalistic and landscape work. Something nice happened the two nights his work was shown in its venue in Seattle and it is hoped he comes back for more!" Deborah Conger Hughes, University of Washington Photographers Group,



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