Greg Holloway Photography

Photography has been my form of creative expression for most of my life, which is why I have always resisted making it my full time job. From doing a lot of event photography I have developed a style of telling a story with my photographs and now I apply that to most of my photography. This is how I keep it from just being a job. I am always looking for a new way to make the photographs interesting and creative, because I don't want to be a cookie cutter photographer.

How I apply my theory of telling a story to baby and kid photography is easy. What better story to tell than the story of your child growing up. I do this by putting the best of the session photos on a DVD with music so you can watch it over an over again. Most often the feed back I get from mothers is that watching the DVD makes them cry. I consider that one of the best complements I can get. Then as we do more sessions I will add those photos to the DVD so that when your child is not a child anymore you can always put the DVD on and relive it all over again.